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Why We Do This


We believe that the right gear can make you feel invincible. When you feel that way, you can push yourself farther than you ever thought possible. Everything we do at Human Octane is driven by giving you that feeling.

Feel Invincible

Everything we make is designed to make you look and feel invincible. Think of it as gearing up to look like the superhero version of yourself. When you put on our gear, we want you to feel like you can accomplish anything and look intimidating AF.

Functional Design

To be successful, we have to make great ultra high performance apparel with real world functionality. We built zippered pockets that are easily accessed with either hand while you're moving and comfort waist bands that actually stay up so nobody sees your butt crack when you bend down or step up.


We use high quality, unique finishing touches to help you stand out from the crowd. That means you get embroidered patches where other brands would use less expensive "heat transfers." You get the highest quality zippers. You get silicone ink used in our prints so it moves with you.


We're dedicated to making the best products in the world, NOT churning low cost high margin ones. Each of our garments takes upwards of 300 hours to design, develop and test before we even think about production. We invest up to 4X more per yard of fabric and 6X more on trims than what's typical in our industry. Everything is constructed in our factory, which exceeds global quality standards.

Rebel Runners

We're not your typical company. We're real athletes with real edge. We do what we need to do. We talk how we want to talk. Societal norms or big corporate bullshit? Not so much.