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Thanksgiving is No Excuse to Get Fat

December 09, 2017

Thanksgiving is No Excuse to Get Fat

We’ll be a lot of people in the United States are going to do a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day because they think of it as “pre-work” that will burn off calories from the huge meal they plan to eat later that day.  Not going to happen.  Their caloric burn stops the second they stop running.  It doesn’t continue while they put a turkey in a deep fryer, even though that would be awesome. 

In this article, we’ll give you a 30 minute workout that will do a WAY better job of helping your body burn calories long after you’re done sweating. 

But first, a physiology lesson. 

 We have two different kinds of muscle fibers in our bodies; fast twitch and slow twitch.  The slow twitch muscle fibers and the smaller ones that can be used a low intensity for long periods of time.  People who run marathons and ultra marathons are good examples of people with a lot of slow twitch muscle fibers.  Fast twitch are the big muscles you use to move big things.  Jumping, lifting, pressing and sprinting are all fast twitch muscle fiber jobs.  Someone who does CrossFit is a good example of fast twitch muscle fibers. 

If you take our marathoner and our CrossFitter, their bodies look a lot different, huh?  While most marathoners are skinny, you find fat people who run marathons (sorry, we’re not politically correct around here).  The reason fat people can still run a marathon is because slow twitch muscle fibers aren’t firing intensely for any significant amount of time and shut down when you’re done with your workout. 

You hardly see a fat CrossFitter anywhere.  The reason is because CrossFit uses so much fast twitch muscle fiber for the explosive movements and those burn so hot that it increases what’s called your resting metabolic rate; the amount of calories your body continues to burn after your workout.  Done with the right amount of intensity, you can burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout session. 

That’s the science, here’s the workout.  All you need is the football field at your local high school. 

Warm Up – Do 5 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

The Workout – 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of the following

  • 50 yard sprint
  • 20 Pushups
  • 50 yard sprint
  • 20 body weight squats
  • 10 yard bear crawl

Cool Down – 800 yard run around the track.  That’s two laps.  It should take you more than 5 minutes even though you’ll be tired as fuck from the workout.

If you put in max effort during this workout, have a second (or third) piece of pie.  You’ll be burning calories in your sleep.