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Design Intervention

December 09, 2017

Design Intervention

Quick.  Take a look at the clothes you’re wearing right now.  Someone had to figure out how to cut the fabric to fit your body, where to place the seams and what color to make it … even if that color is just white.  It’s even more complicated than that for us at Human Octane because we have to pick style lines and colors that will work into our new design language.  Yes, we had a learn a new language. 

 The question is: how do we take our belief in manufacturing clothes to make OCR athletes and trail runners feel invincible and make that something real people can wear.  In this post, we’re going to tell you exactly how we did.  If you’re one of our competitors, go ahead and make notes.  We’ll just stay a step ahead of you anyway. 

Inspiring Invincible

We really wanted to manifest this invincibility belief in our Spring 2018 lineup, which is tough to do with shorts ... but we think we nailed it.  We've been designing shorts and long tights at the same time for both men and women, but decided to push the shorts out first because well, more people wear shorts.

Once we arrived on making OCR/Trail Running specific compression shorts for both men and women along with a sports bra for (you guessed it) women, we had to figure out how to make them look unique.  We drew inspiration from the superheroes we loved as kids.  All of them put on some type of gear that made them more physically imposing and probably helped them feel invincible too, after all, even superheroes have to get used to kicking ass. 

 Body Maps

 Our design DNA has fundamentally changed between our first lineup (debut 2017) and everything we will do going forward.  We’ve been working with a new design company that’s been a driving force behind some of the biggest brands in apparel.  When we first started working with them, we agreed that we wanted to be loud with our branding on the apparel, but that shouldn’t be the only thing that’s recognizable about the clothes we make.  There had to be a common element to designs season after season.  We went back to the superhero drawing board and found that just about all of their gear flowed naturally with the existing lines of their body.  Essentially, it emphasizes someone’s existing physical attributes.  Everything we do from this point forward will carry that design DNA.

Making It Pop

 We’re making our compression shorts and sports bra knowing that people who buy them are going to be getting them dirty.  Really dirty if they’re wearing them in an obstacle course race like Spartan, Tough Mudder or Savage Race.  Dark colors have to be our base, which is fine with us because it goes along with the badass aura of Human Octane.  To make our gear stand out, we’re using really vibrant colors against that black backdrop.  Our spring 2018 women’s line up will feature brilliant red or vibrant yellow accent colors.  We’ll pull that same red to our men’s line and will add a blue color normally seen only by skydivers.  If you want to be noticed, Human Octane is your brand.

Stay On Top Of It

 Our men’s compression shorts, women’s compression shorts and sports bra are in production and set to be released in early 2018, right before the start of obstacle course racing season.  We’ll keep blogging with updates on production and you could check back here often to get new info, but honestly, that sounds like a lot of work for you to do.  Why not just sign up for our email list and have updates sent directly to you?  Head on over to our homepage www.humanoctane.com and scroll down a bit.  When the window pops up, enter your email address.  Can’t make it any easier than that.