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May 09, 2018

Back to Design

As you look at our 2018 product line-up, you might notice that we focused almost entirely on your lower body. Shorts and tights were the two things we felt needed the most improvement in the marketplace for OCR and trail running. Both categories were in desperate need of innovation and, being OCR athletes and trail runners ourselves, we knew exactly what had to be done. Now, it’s time for us to pay attention to your upper body.

The first style we started working on for the upcoming season is a women’s performance tank top. While our customers love our sports bra, we’ve received a lot of feedback from women who are quite comfortable baring their stomach in public. Fair enough. Our process starts like it always does, by taking a look at what’s available in the marketplace and figuring out what’s missing. In this case, we saw a couple of things we could deliver where nobody else has. The first was to modernize the fit of the tank top. Brands typically offer styles we think are too flowy or way too tight and just about all of them are too long. Our design includes a shortened hem line that will rest just a smidge below the top of your compression tights or compression shorts and be even a little shorter in the back to make sure you can still access the storage pockets. The next thing we did is the thing we always do; come up with a design that makes you feel like the superhero version of yourself.

Next up is our men’s racing jersey. While some men run and race shirtless, our market research indicates two things. First, it is a small subset of men who run without shirts and second, many of them would wear a shirt if someone would just make a great shirt. Sounds like a challenge to us! We set out to use a lot of body mapping when we first sketched this style. The man wearing it has to look physically intimidating even if he’s not. We moved the traditional side seams slightly forward to create a “V” typically seen on superheroes. On the back, we went with a helix design that was inspired by a lion’s mane.  Of course this is going to look awesome with our existing men's compression shorts or compression tights.

There is still a lot of work to do in development, testing and color selection. DM us on Instagram if have any ideas you think we need to put into these styles. Feedback from our customers and fans is the best way to make products people love.