Why Human Octane

Clothes that are Tougher than the Course

Everything we make is designed to help you demolish the toughest obstacles and most grueling conditions any course designer can throw at you.  We know what it takes because we're OCR athletes too.  We go out of our way to find strong, lightweight fabrics that won't weigh you down and super technical fabrics that will protect you from abrassions without the bulk of pads.  We put it all together with a special kind of seam called "flatlock" that is stronger than traditional seams and creates a smooth finish to eliminate chaffing.  Chaffing sucks.  

GU in Pocket

Sport-Specific Functionality

OCR athletes know that wet gear f*cking sucks.  #Truth.  While other brands are trying to "wick" moisture away from your skin, we made our gear difficult to get wet in the first place while maintaining breathability.  Everything we make repels water and mud.  Repels that shit. Our compression garments fight muscle fatigue.  Our shorts and tights have zippered pockets perfectly sized to store energy gels, timing chips and other important shit during your race.  We also built in UPF 50 to all our gear to protect you from the sun.  You're welcome.  


Fierce Design

Let's be real about this.  Half of us race so we can plaster social media with pictures of ourselves looking like savages.  Our clothes are designed to make you look fierce, fast and f*cking awesome by calling attention to all the right places with the use of contrasting stich, colors and prints that flow with the natural lines of your body.  Guys, we're enhancing broad shoulders and making arms look macho as hell.  Ladies, we are here to make your butt, shoulders and back look amazing.


Designs Honed by Experience

We're OCR athletes, so we know what will work and what won't.  We bounced our ideas off of a few hundred other OCR athletes just like you.  Then we got feedback from some of the top obstacle course racing athletes in the world to create the right mix of fit, function and durability.  Armed with all of that, we made prototypes and promptly beat the shit out of them over a race season.  The best designs made it to production and now make their way to you.


Pushing the Limit

There is a reason why we wake up early every day while other people are hitting the snooze button.  It's because we believe we can be faster, stronger, better.  We just have to want it bad enough.  Believe us, there is nothing on the planet we want more than this.  You can expect that we will challenge conventional thinking about limitations of what gear can and can't do for you.  That will lead to a constant evolution of the products we make.   We treat each product we make like a personal record, representing the best we could do.  The thing about personal records is that they become targets for us to beat next time out.